New MSX cards by Padial

by Ivan on 13-05-2007, 13:03
Topic: Hardware

Source: HispaMSX

Leonardo Padial has developed two new cards for MSX:

  • Infrared card LPE-PPIR-V1 (communication between MSX-MSX, PC-MSX, MSX-mobile phone with infrared capabilities,...). IrDA specifications. The data is read in parallel mode
  • 512Mb-4Gb flash card LPE-PPMC-V1. Transfer rate 10 times faster than other cards in parallel mode. There is nothing faster!

They need to be connected to the master card LPE-PPI3-V1 which has three parallel ports. The transfer rate of each port can be selected by software (normal or high). The maximum number of cards per port is 255 (they can be selected without the need of switches). This is the perfect solution to the MSX slot limitation. You can find a picture of these two cards right here (LPE-PPIR-V1 on the right and LPE-PPMC-V1 on the left, next to a SD/MMC card). Send an email to Leonardo Padial for more information and/or orders.

Relevant link: Leonardo Padial Electronics (LPE)