by rjp on 20-06-2010, 12:27
Topic: Hardware

Shockwave isn't the only news from Tecnobytes. During the second meeting of the year (June 2010), they started selling the Powergraph, a graphic board for MSX graphic board, compatible with the Graphics9000 (containing the V9990 VDP chip). Improvements include S-Video and Composite outputs, which is easier to connect than the RGB output from the Graphics9000.

If you're interested in this new hardware, it costs nearly 160 euro, excluding (worldwide!) shipment. With these two products freshly released, the VSU project (containing these chips, and a lot more) hasn't stopped yet, news about the VSU will follow soon. More future plans by Tecnobytes include IDE interfaces and (perhaps) SD-card readers.

New MSX hardware, the game is afoot, Watson!

Relevant link: Powergraph

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By Sander

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21-06-2010, 17:44

Which photo is the powergraph?

By wolf_

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21-06-2010, 18:18

I would say, page 2, the blue PCB under Hyper Rally..

By Sander

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22-06-2010, 00:20

Ah, sorry: I was looking for some kind of gfx tablet. Looks nice!

By W76NearDark

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05-07-2010, 23:38

Nice nice... but why invent the wheel twice? I think it's of more use to develop a proper ethernet interface first...