Sunrise product update

by sunrise on 23-08-2009, 12:14
Topic: Hardware

It may not always be clear which Sunrise products are available and which aren't. While an updated Sunrise website is to be expected in the near future, the current one isn't up to date, and it can't always be used, for instance to order an MP3-player. Until the updated website is ready, orders can be placed by emailing Sunrise directly.

An overview of hardware which is available as we speak:

  • GFX9000 €89 (reduced price)
  • Moonsound €139 (reduced price)
  • USB Gamereader €45 (reduced price)
  • MP3 Player €85

There is a number of upcoming products as well:

  • NOWIND Interface €69
  • Manbow2 (new stock) €27,50
  • Compact Flash Interface €63,55
  • Knightlore MSX 2 (cartridge) €18

Relevant link: Sunrise

Comments (16)

By Leo

Paragon (1236)

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23-08-2009, 16:10

Very helpfull thanks ! reduced price over gfx9000 is quite interesting .

By Manuel

Ascended (19308)

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23-08-2009, 18:22

Very interesting! Thanks for the very useful overview, sunrise. Too bad there's no Bussum fair to sell this stuff on Sad

By dhau

Paragon (1570)

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23-08-2009, 20:19

Thank you very much, SunRise!

By djh1697

Paragon (1696)

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24-08-2009, 15:52

The Nowind interface looks like a great buy, when will they be ready ?

By Pypo

Master (151)

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24-08-2009, 18:20

I sent a e-mail 13 days ago but Sunrise did not reply.

Is Sunrise here?

Thanks! Wink

By Leo

Paragon (1236)

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24-08-2009, 19:16

maybe busy with spmanbow2

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

Bart's picture

24-08-2009, 19:50

Maybe a tight spam filter? Someone in the forum seems to have the same trouble as pypo.

By Pypo

Master (151)

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24-08-2009, 20:11

But I used a gmail adress... It's strange. I will try with another e-mail address... Tongue


By Marq

Champion (387)

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25-08-2009, 00:25

Well, I guess it's no secret that at times Sunrise answers with considerable delay. Like soon, half a year or never Tongue

By Erikie

Champion (324)

Erikie's picture

25-08-2009, 14:03

Guys quit flaming on sunrise. Sunrise does a great job and don't forget he is also having a normal job like most of us do. Smile
The more you shout the less likely you will get an answer of him

By Pypo

Master (151)

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25-08-2009, 15:42

Erikie, I know that Sunrise does a great job.Big smile Only I said that he didn't reply me and I asked if it is normal after 13 days. I will wait without problems. Smile

And sorry for my bad english Tongue

By Erikie

Champion (324)

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25-08-2009, 16:01

If I did not get a reply I would try to send my email again to that person. Did you use the email address as in his profile?
He always responds to that. So he probably has a good reason why he cannot respond.

By Pypo

Master (151)

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25-08-2009, 17:42

Yes, I used the e-mail of his profile. Don't worry, I will wait.

Thanks for all! Wink

By sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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25-08-2009, 21:45

Packages of the rogue, andrea gasparrini, and sander has been sent.
I had to change from provider and was busy with installing the stuff.
New emailadres I will set in the profile

By Pypo

Master (151)

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26-08-2009, 18:22

Ok! Thanks Sunrise, I sent you a email in your new email. Wink

By karloch

Prophet (2159)

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27-08-2009, 00:44

I'm waiting for the Mambow 2 re-release, but I didn't know Knightlore was also comming. Very good news!