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by snout on 18-06-2002, 16:21
Topic: Hardware

As of now there are original pictures of both Sunrise CompactFlash interfaces on their site. You can either get a complete interface, or an adaptor for an existing IDE interface. (Should work with PC's too by the way )Also there is a new BIOS for all IDE interfaces dated 01.04.2002. (You will need it to support CompactFlash). The link to the new BIOS on the Sunrise website is incorrect at the moment. click here for a direct download link.

Relevant link:

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By BiFi

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22-06-2002, 21:48

I checked the sunrise site recently, but I didn't see the actual IDE CF info. :/

By snout

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22-06-2002, 21:50

<a href="" target="new">How about this then</a>

By BiFi

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22-06-2002, 21:52

There are photo's now, so there is at least something to see now.