MSX hardware company Tecnobytes announced new production batches of their populair products OPL4 Shockwave sound cartridge and MSX Slot Expander. Both fine products for the MSX system, which are again in stock and available for purchase.

As a manufacturer of new hardware for classic computer, like the MSX standard, the Brazilian company Tecnobytes carries a good portfolio of MSX add-on products. Extension cartridges for audio, graphics, and other hardware ups the game of our beloved 8-bit system. For example, the Shockwave cartridge gives you OPL4 audio capabilities, while the Powergraph adds extended graphics possibilities using the V9990. To have all such extensions working on one computer, the MSX Slot Expander solution adds more extension slots as a good solution.

Acquiring such a device may be a difficult task, as most of the these are all out of stock. However, Tecnobytes is shipping new batches of their products once in a while, and are currently offering new Shockwave and Slot expander peripherals. Good news if you're in need for one of those.

The original Shockwave cartridge offers OPL4 audio capabilities, their new batch is an iteration of that and called Shockwave II. It features a smaller housing than the original, new stereo output connectors including the option to mix the original MSX PSG sound, and has 2MB of memory on board.

Just like Shockwave, the MSX Slot Expander has iterated to version 2 and also features improvements like added volume control per slot. The expander offers four (4) MSX cartridge slots with enough space to facilitate even the larger MSX cartridges, with the option to enable or disable each individual slot with a dedicated switch. It comes with an external power supply and flat cable attached to the host cartridge. All housed in a shiny blue casing.

Getting your hands on one of the quality products is as easy as visiting their web site, select your product of choice and click the buy button. The Shockwave II will cost you $150, while the MSX slot Expander II goes for $141. All ex shipping. These things sell like hot buns, so put in your order fast.

relevant link: Tecnobytes web site

Comments (12)

By Bengalack

Paladin (802)

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15-05-2023, 18:02

Cool! Hope that more people get OPL4. I’m pretty confident that my next MSX project will feature this chip Smile

By ToriHino

Paladin (925)

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15-05-2023, 19:01

Indeed, OPL4 is more and more becoming a standard, so let's hope more people will make use of it. And that slot expander looks really good as well. How does that work with the volume control? Is that the volume as send back to the MSX itself?

By The_Engineer

Han (194)

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15-05-2023, 19:11

The MSX slot Expander II looks great. Ordered one.

By rogerio.belarmino

Expert (79)

rogerio.belarmino's picture

16-05-2023, 13:52

Exactly, and to control the volume of the cartridges that are sent into the MSX Smile

By selios2000

Hero (595)

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29-05-2023, 11:26

rogerio.belarmino wrote:

Exactly, and to control the volume of the cartridges that are sent into the MSX Smile

Use better the audio out of the cartridges. The difference in audio quality is awesome.

By Hypersoft

Expert (97)

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01-06-2023, 23:51

Do all the games work with this cardrige?

By roadfighter

Champion (467)

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15-06-2023, 22:36

Question: Who has the expander and is willing to do the following test.
Plug in the expander without any cartridges, and run on your msx.
What happens ? My msx hangs, has anyone have a solution ?

By rolandve

Champion (372)

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16-06-2023, 09:14

Still waiting for my order

By Bengalack

Paladin (802)

Bengalack's picture

10-09-2023, 08:58

Contacted them today in hope of getting one (slotexpander). Did anyone receive theirs?

By Bengalack

Paladin (802)

Bengalack's picture

16-09-2023, 14:12

Still no answer from these guys :-( Contacted Supersoniqs instead. I expect sellers to reply in a day or three, even in retroland.

By roadfighter

Champion (467)

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18-09-2023, 08:46

Take the modulon from Supersoniqs.
It works and Sander will react to your mail.

I did receive mine from tecnobytes, but have some trouble with it buth they dont react anymore to my mail.
I even offerd to help them sort out the problem but no reaction.
Anyway it looks nice and it works, but there are some problems with it, in the previous post in this tread i asked if someone would do a test for me but no one has reacted so far.
No hard feelings here, just a bit disappointed.


By Bengalack

Paladin (802)

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19-09-2023, 19:59

Yes. Thanks! Already got an answer from Sander Smile Now I just need to decide whether I will use external power supply or not (I don't really know the difference Smile)