Z380 Architecture

by Sander on 30-08-2000, 00:39
Topic: Hardware

At last I finished the complete design of the System Architecture for the LPE-Z380 for MSX. The design includes mixed HW 50% and SW 50% for each particular interface. When the user wants to have MSX interfaces he loads the MSX patch to specific card. For Example: for Video card he load the V38 patch when he wants to have video V9938. When the user wants to run dts sounds, he loads the DTS SW patch. This architecture avoid load on the CPU by employing last HW technology. The Complete System is composed of the HW existing now (Z380 Card, Evolution4 expansor, PC Keyboard..etc), and only 3 cards more:

  • LPE-SEN-V1 Sound Card with main processor TMS320C6211. Ready for interface types PSG, SCC, OPL, dts....
  • LPE-PVA-V1 Video Card with main processor TMS320C32. Ready for interface types Yamaha, DVD, Direct mapped....
  • LPE-GIN-V1 General Interface Card with main proccesor Z80382. Ready for interface types IDE, SCSI, RS232, USB , Centronics I/F & 1.4M Diskette.

Each card will cost over 210 to 240 euros. SEN & PVA are under development.

Leonardo Padial Ortiz -Madrid-Spain

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You can find more information about Padial Z380 hardware at: