by Pac on 12-11-2013, 13:59
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MSX AREA, the only Spanish MSX paper magazine nowadays will release the fifth issue on the 14th of December at the 44th MSX RU in Barcelona. You will find 56 full color pages including a lot of MSX related articles such as games reviews, maps, interviews and cheats. Are you going to miss it? For further information, please visit the MSX AREA website.

For those unable to attend the event, the magazine will be available after meeting, and will be distributed by e-mail.

Relevant link: MSX AREA

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By JohnHassink

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15-11-2013, 00:33

How cool that something like this still exists!

By Pac

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15-11-2013, 23:58

Yes, there is nothing like a real paper magazine.

By slowerisbetter

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17-11-2013, 23:33

This is indeed excellent. The 'happiness' at the word 'paper' seems to suggest there is a current MSX e-magazine which is not on paper?

By selios2000

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13-12-2013, 16:55
has some content in english.