by Pac on 11-11-2015, 17:56
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MSX AREA, the only Spanish MSX paper magazine nowadays, will release the seventh issue on the 5th of December at the 48th MSX RU. As usual, coinciding with the 2nd annual MSX meeting in Barcelona, they have prepared a great full color magazine for our enjoyment. The problem is that this publication is written in Spanish language only.

For those unable to attend the event, the magazine will be available after the meeting. For further information, please visit the MSX AREA website and contact them.

Relevant link: MSX AREA #7

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By x-nen Aivalahostia

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11-11-2015, 23:51

I can't wait for this great magazine!

By fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

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12-11-2015, 11:22

It's simply amazing we are still so lucky of having a proper old-style MSX Magazine with reviews, articles, maps, ...