by Pac on 19-05-2019, 13:24
Topic: Media

MSX AREA will release a new issue on the 29th of June at the 55th MSX RU in Barcelona.

This will be the last issue of the magazine and they wanted to say goodbye with an special issue increasing the number of pages and quality of front and back covers.

64 full colour pages plenty of interesting articles with the quality we are already accustomed to.

The magazine will be available later for those unable to attend the meeting. For those who want to buy previously released issues, this will be the last chance to do it. Old ones are only republished on-demand and when a new issue is launched.

For further information, please visit the MSX AREA website and contact them.

Relevant link: MSX AREA #9

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By valkyre

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19-05-2019, 20:17

I always enjoy looking through this mag. It's still good, even though I cant read Spanish!

By mariocavalcanti

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20-05-2019, 00:17

A pity to be the last issue. MSX Area has shown great content, and Juanmi is a great person. I'll try to buy this edition.