MSX in the Media: 5th nominee

by snout on 24-06-2004, 17:18
Topic: Media

On May 2nd 2004 we started the MSX in the Media Challenge. The objective: to get and/or spot MSX in media like TV programs, Newspapers, Magazines and Websites that usually don't report about MSX. Even though the challenge, which runs for a year, has just started the 5th nominee has already arrived. This time the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant was nominated. In a report on the Retro Game and Computer Fair which was held on June 19th the reporter mentions two MSX games: Zanac and SD-Snatcher.

Did you get or spot MSX in the media? Send the evidence to and we will add it to the list of nominees. By getting MSX in the media you can win a Sunrise ATA-IDE Interface, so take your best shot and get some media-attention for MSX!

By the way, we are still looking for a scan of the May edition of Edge, in which Hideo Kojima mentions MSX and Pengiun Adventure in an interview. If you have got the magazine, please send a scan of the page to Thanks!

Relevant link: MSX in the Media - List of nominees