MSX in the media challenge

by snout on 02-05-2004, 13:42
Topic: Media

One of the purposes of the MSX Resource Center is to show the world that MSX is still alive. This is why we sometimes try to get some exposure on websites and magazines that are not directly related to MSX. Often, we get very nice reactions, and every now and then some of the 'old guys' come back to the MSX community, increasing the activity of MSX developments. You can help us achieve our goals, and if you make it we might reward you. We hereby present you the "Get MSX in the media" challenge.

What's the deal? We'd like you to help us out to get MSX exposure on TV, Radio, Websites, Magazines and other forms of media. It does not matter if you get a full page (or more) on MSX in a magazine, or if you get an MSX banner or T-shirt shown in a TV show, just as long as MSX is 'out in the open'. If you manage to get some extra visitors to the MSX Resource Center while you're at it, we will be even happier. If you send us a screenshot, scan or audio-fragment of the event, we will publish it on our website and you have entered the 'Get MSX in the media challenge'. After a year from now, we'll do a (mega)poll to see which one was liked the most by our visitors. The MSX Resource Center rewards the winner with a free Sunrise ATA-IDE + RS232 interface.

If you contributed to MSX getting in some kind of media, or if you spot MSX in the media, notify us at and we will add it to the list of nominations.

Good luck!

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By wolf_

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02-05-2004, 15:04

"kopspijkers in beeld" .. obviously Smile

By DarQ

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02-05-2004, 15:15

hmm, im very curious...

By pgielen

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02-05-2004, 17:41

Someone put an MSX screen on, illustrating an article about the 40th aniversary of Basic:

By flyguille

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02-05-2004, 18:13

ohhhh, i will take in account this, just the hardware than i need!!!!.

By Alex Ganzeveld

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03-05-2004, 16:30

I'm currently working at Oog-TV, a local TV-station for Groningen. If anyone has got something newsworthy concirning Groningen-city I'd like to know. Snout, please contact me.

By snout

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05-05-2004, 15:46

The screenshot would certainly be a cool entry for the challenge. However, who was responsible for getting that screenshot over there? Smile

By Vincent van Dam

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07-05-2004, 09:23

This months issue of N-Gamer (dutch Nintendo magazine) has a preview of gba game Xyanide. Below that there is an article about Engine Software, in which they mention a few of their MSX titles when they talk about their roots. Good luck in the challenge guys! Smile