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by wolf_ on 22-05-2009, 21:58
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The digitally published Retroaction Magazine puts the focus where you expect it: retro platforms. A landscape format magazine with quite a lot of pages, all in full color. There have been two issues so far, but in both issues MSX gets some attention!

The first issue contains a review of the puzzle game Perfect Fit, awarding it with an average of 87%! The game got positive remarks from our own scene as well, as you may recall.

The second issue lists the results of MSXdev'08. Further on in this issue, Deep Dungeon (the winner of MSXdev'08) got a review with a score of 87%. Also, the racing game I Need Speed (runner-up) got a review, and a score of 68%. Danger Tower (ranked fourth) also got a page of the magazine, and a score of 80%.

The magazine itself looks very spiffy. It's an online magazine, with this quality it would probably be too expensive to make it a real magazine, considering it's not a magazine for a mass market. In any case, MSX got mentioned in both released magazines so far, with far more than just the single line of text in your average Metal Gear Solid article. These things make your day!

Relevant link: Retroaction Magazine 1
Relevant link: Retroaction Magazine 2

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By MsxKun

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23-05-2009, 12:04

Yeh, it's a very nice magazine, indeed Smile
Too bad it says Perfect Fit has 25 levels, when it has 125 (on the free) and 175 (on cartridge) Tongue Reported time ago, but not fixed...
But i love the look and content on the magazine, is very well done.