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by wolf_ on 06-09-2008, 13:41
Topic: MRC

We've celebrated a few milestones in the history of MRC already, such as a few millions of pageviews, a few thousands of registered users and such. As of today we are proud to install yet another milestone in our hall of fame: OeiOeiVogeltje has just written forumpost no. 100.000 in this original and inspiring forum thread! ;) This magical number does tickle us a bit to grab the chair at the fireplace and look back a bit on all these MRC years! And it's not even Christmas yet, can you imagine?

At MRC, we think that over the years the crew has grown to what it is now: serious. Not the boring kind of serious, but more the serious attitude that the late paper MSX magazines showed. We aim to publish any MSX news item which is of interest for a wide audience as well as any relevant submission using the standards we happen to like. We aim to support new initiatives and have organized a number of challenges in the past years to support the production of new software. By today we're happy to see that other websites and groups are organizing contests as well, and not without success! We're equally happy to see several other websites are publishing MSX news while other people are active software and/or hardware developers, sometimes of the most unexpected things: a new videocard stacked with v9990 and v9958 chips, an MP3 player, a Windows-like OS and many other things you wouldn't dare to dream of halfway the glorious nineties!

One learns writing from writing, and thus we feel that over the years our writing has vastly improved. If you've been an early reader of this website, you may recall what newsposts looked like in the early days, such as this first newspost, or what about this, this and this one? If you compare those to our current newsposts then we're all too happy about how our writing style has advanced through the nearly 5000 newsposts and countless more forumposts! However, no matter how serious we aim to be, luckily there's still room for a little bit geeky fun here and there. After all, we do :RNFF: now and then!

About 8 years ago the MRC forum was introduced and activity on MRC went uphill from that moment. Despite the unconventional and often misunderstood no-warez policy, the forum became a lively one. Not only for traders and people who simply like to shoot the breeze, but also for serious development and debates. Perhaps the most famous thread on MRC is the monstrous SymbOS thread. A thread containing numerous requests to continue in a new thread, but perhaps the SymbOS thread shows exactly what may be applicable to MRC as well: when you feel at home, you don't leave. After all, the MRC crew itself couldn't ever make those 100.000 forumposts, these are there thanks to all of you, and we hope that this large number does indeed mean that you feel at home at MRC!

To be continued, no doubt! What the next milestone will be? Most probably the signing up of user 5000, with currently little over 4500 registered users we're reasonably close!

Relevant link: MRC statistics

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

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06-09-2008, 13:48

Im so proud!

Finally i have somthing to tell my grandkids!!!! (someday...)

By arnold_m

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06-09-2008, 18:45

And then comes that painful moment when your grand-kids will either ask you what you wrote in that 100 000th forum post, or not be interested at all.

By ro

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06-09-2008, 19:55

o_OeiOei only writes, what, once or twice a post and see what happens. go figure....

congrats Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By tfh

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08-09-2008, 09:53

Well.. congratulations on this milestone Smile