Emulator Comparison - RedMSX review added

by snout on 21-04-2005, 23:38
Topic: MRC

The MSX Emulator Comparison has just been updated, adding a review of the Brazilian MSX emulator RedMSX. If you want to find out how this emulator based on blueMSX compares to the 12 other emulators in the test, this is the article to read. Of course, you can also head straight to the MRC EmuRank charts.

Apart from the RedMSX review, several minor updates were made to the blueMSX review, the openMSX review and the conclusion.

Relevant link: MSX Emulator Comparison - RedMSX review

Comments (7)

By pitpan

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22-04-2005, 16:34

Actually, DUCK HUNT -mentioned in the RedMSX review- works fine both with the SEGA LIGHTPHASER GUN and with MHT INGENIEROS's GUN STICK. Anyway, congratulations for the light gun implementation!

By snout

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22-04-2005, 16:35

Just to get my facts straight: The ASCII PLUS-X Terminator uses a different method, and currently is not supported by Duck-Hunt, right?

By BiFi

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22-04-2005, 20:21

I think it is supported by Duck Hunt, but not (correctly) emulated in RedMSX yet... Also, the light gun registers a hit when you're way out of the target and vice versa. Might be a small bug (read: inverted test) somewhere.

By snout

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23-04-2005, 00:05

Could anyone explain how a lightgun actually works?

By BiFi

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23-04-2005, 08:27

1. you aim the lightgun on the screen
2. you 'pull the trigger'
3. the program detects the trigger pull and turns to a black&white frame
4. the program detects whether the color is either black or white
4a. when there are more targets it'll change black&white frames to test
4b. the color is checked on all those frames
5. the program returns to its normal screen
6. the program reacts according to the frame where it detected white

By SLotman

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25-04-2005, 00:23

Yup, that's the basic of it - the buttons are read like normal joy triggers, and the gun sets some position (in case of sega gunstick "down") to 1 if if hits anything white.

I tried setting every position to "1" to see if I could understand how the ascii terminator gun/"Dungeon Hunter" works, but nothing good so far. Also tried on "target plus", but have the same problem - seems that the first tested target is the one that gets "hit" all the time...

By iamweasel2

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21-04-2017, 06:07

MSX emulator comparison. It was really nice to read when it was published... Smile