Happy 2007!

by snout on 01-01-2007, 13:16
Topic: MRC

Welcome to 2007, MSX fans! Traditionally, we start the year with an overview of the year past. Again, we have had an amazing MSX year with - amongst others - the release of the new MSX computer, the One Chip MSX, another succesful edition of the MSXdev game development competition, the arrival of the multitasking window-based Operating System SymbOS and much, much more. Time for a short overview:

In 2006, the year kicked off with the results of the MSXdev'05 competition. Shortly afterwards we got to see the first sneak preview at Manbow 2, the highly anticipated shooter for MSX2 and we received 'Imported', another trackmo from an anonymous coder. Daniel Vik and Vincent van Dam Unleashed the MSX1 with more than stunning effects and 105 color mode, rapidly followed by Technicolor. We received 12 great entries to the Scene Music Remake challenge, MSX computers appeared in a Lenny Kravitz music video, Konami finally teamed up with MSX Association and joined the MSX revival by releasing Konami classics on a new retro game corner on i-revo. Matra and Bitwise announced they were to release MSX games on cartridge again, and the new MSXdev team launched MSXdev'06. More information became available on Dumas, the ethernet and USB interface with 512kB memory mapper for MSX, a final and highly improved version of Universe: Unknown was released by Infinite and NYYRIKKI surprised the MSX community once again with his amazing full-screen video on his Dragon's Lair for MSX2 introdemo. The Brazilian Group Amusement Factory pimped the Konami classic Knightmare by releasing Knightmare Gold 2 and, after a long discussion in our active MSX forum, we finally got to see the first preview of SymbOS.

After a relatively slow summer, compared to previous years, the brand new One Chip MSX was announced - revealing its new casing and improved specifications. X-Tazy became open-source and in celebration of that several demo and in-game videos were published in our downloads section. The MSX Frappr proved a cool way to show the location of a growing group of MSX fans, MSX was announced to be one of the systems supported in the Virtual Console of the Nintendo Wii, a new and improved version of Waves hit the web, the MSX retro gaming portal WOOMB.net finally saw the light of day and Manuel Pazos announced new MultiROM and MegaFlashROM-SCC cartridges. The One Chip MSX became available for pre-order outside Japan, the MSXArt'06 challenge closed with 27 entries. November 19th ended up in the MSX history books as the day on which, after a long break, new MSX computers were distributed again - even becoming available in several shops. We got another, even more impressive sneak preview of Manbow 2 on MySpace, launched the MEGA-Challenge in which you can win a One Chip MSX computer and a new version of SymbOS impressed all of us. The year ended in style thanks to the MSXdev'06 competition, in which 19 brand new MSX1 games were released.

On MSX Resource Center, we added member profiles, moved to yet another new dedicated web server, added a statistics page, passed the 3,000 members milestone, reached a respectable 250 links in our MSX links corner and a mindblowing 65,535 posts in our forum. We also improved our contacts list and opened our polls for reactions. To top it off, our Webstats4u counter broke through the 4,000,000 visits barrier and we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the msx.org domain.

As usual, we end the happy new years post with the year in numbers. Here are some statistics of the activity on our website during 2006 compared to the activity of 2005:

  • Visitors: 1,074,865 (1,022,580)
  • News posts: 604 (879)
  • Forum posts: 17,047 (19,456)
  • Reactions: 4,692 (6,002)

The values mentioned in parentheses are the statistics of 2005. In 2006, a grand total of 590 different people, more than ever before, contributed to the contents of the MSX Resource Center by submitting one or more articles, news posts, forum posts or reactions to news posts. Despite the decrease in news posts, forum posts and reactions our webstats4u counter also found 2006 to be the busiest year ever. Perhaps 'less is more' counts for the MRC as well?

Just like previous years, the most active members of the MSX Resource Center deserve some extra attention as a token of our appreciation. In 2006, the following 10 MRC members were the most active, based on a score of 6 points per news post, 2 per forumpost and 1 per reaction, doubling the score on 'first posts':

  1. manuel (1951)
  2. mars2000you (1821)
  3. Prodatron (1085)
  4. ARTRAG (1049)
  5. ro (978)
  6. dvik (948)
  7. BiFi (907)
  8. AuroraMSX (857)
  9. NYYRIKKI (782)
  10. Huey (764)

Of course, MRC team members were excluded from this top 10. The number one of this year, manuel, will receive a reward for his amazing activity on the MRC during 2006: an official MSX T-Shirt. Our thanks go out to him all the others who contributed to the MRC. Next year we will also reward a prize to the most active member at the MRC. We hope you will keep visiting and enriching the contents of our website for a long time to come!

We would also like to thank all the active MSX developers who keep bringing us new and surprising hardware, software, websites and magazines. Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all the people who have sent us a donation by bank or Paypal this year. As the MRC is growing and growing, so are the costs to keep the site online and in movement. Even with small donations, you helped (and are helping) to keep our site online. Respect!

With the MRC Mega Challenge just started and the Italo Challenge extended once more, the Western edition of the One Chip MSX planned for spring 2007 and many more active projects and competitions in development we can now already safely say we're in for yet another amazing MSX year. Happy 2007 everybody!


The MSX Resource Center crew

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By snout

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01-01-2007, 14:23

Found silly bug in stats thingy. Scores slightly altered. Happy new year, tho! ^_^

By Yukio

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01-01-2007, 14:46

Nice 2006!Smile

Statistics ...

By wolf_

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01-01-2007, 17:07

ro: you talk too much and do too little BA-team
prodatron: you manage to do in one year, using somewhat like ONE forumthread to reach what others need 4 year for using the whole forum.. do you realize how sick that is? Big smile

By ro

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02-01-2007, 08:23

I talk to much? you know what, you sound like my wife god damned!
hehe, but yer prolly right. I should shut up or deliver, eh. blaaaaat Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Ivan

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02-01-2007, 12:46

'Konami finally teamed up with MSX Association and joined the MSX revival by releasing Konami classics on a new retro game corner on i-revo'.

I think that Konami is doing nothing for MSX. I hope that things will change.


Enlighted (7003)

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04-01-2007, 19:14

Some data reading:

* Visitors: 1,074,865 (1,022,580) => the number of msx fans is stationary
* News posts: 604 (879) => activity in MSX scene is decreasing
* Forum posts: 17,047 (19,456) => activity in MSX scene is decreasing
* Reactions: 4,692 (6,002) => less activity == less reactions

Conclusion: the number of "passive" msx fans seems increasing, even if the total number of MSX fans is more or less constant.
(narurally it is always possible that the activity in development moved to other forums - see e.g. karoshi's, but ...)

By wolf_

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04-01-2007, 21:05

Less newsposts .. more or less equals less reactions.. that's only logical.

Maybe a number of users stepped away from the -mostly English- MRC to move towards a local forum (Spanish, Dutch etc.).. maybe not. Similar discussions about the climate changes also result in human causes vs natural fluctuations.. (you should see the pleistocene Tongue)

I somehow expect a boost once the bazix OCM has been shipped, you can just wait on new development boosts once it's out, all kinda ppl with questions, VHDL modifications, tutorials, etc.

There have been less challenges + entries in 2006, iirc. So, less newsposts+reactions about those.

Also, ppl grow older, may have other things to do (a.k.a. real life, tho Ro still manages to chitchat enough to rank in the t10 Tongue).

Also, there have been far less flamewars in 2006, usually those resulted in many forum thread pages or 100+ newspost reactions.

There has been MSXDev'06, while I don't know *if* it's the real reason, but many people might have been less working on many different products as they were all doing one product for MSXDev'06. (highly speculative ofcoz, I know ^_^) I for one put some concepts I had on the shelf to finish later because I was MSXDev'ing.

There can be countless reasons, I think structural increasements or decreasements should not be based on one year, but on several years.

until then: Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By wolf_

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04-01-2007, 21:09

w00t? bug?

I wrote that post, not <mr. nothing> TongueRunning Naked in a Field of Flowers

By snout

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04-01-2007, 21:54

I agree.. the stats don't tell you very much. At least, not enough to draw "activity is decreasing"-like conclusions. We report about everything that happens in the MSX community and related stuff, so - for instance - when Hackurl only releases 5 MSX related songs in a year, as opposed to the one per week he managed to do for quite a while that alone would already result in a significant decrease of news posts.

That said, we did indeed have less flamewars and those were usually quite a boost to forum/reactions activity -- but I think that that kind of activity is more likely to affect MSX activity negatively than positively. In other words: at the end of the day it's the quality that counts, not the quantity. Stats still are nice, though ^_^

By snout

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04-01-2007, 23:37

Besides, if the activities of the first 4 days of January continues we'll be heading to...

~ 1.2 million visitors (growth!)
~ 17.000 forum posts (stability)
~ 8.121 reactions (massive growth!)

(of course, 4 out of 365 days aren't really representative -- and summers are usually less active). Still... if you posted on the MRC during the past 4 days... just keep going as you have been going so far. If not: join us and start talking! (or develop/submit some MSX-related thing we could report about ^_^)

By Ivan

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05-01-2007, 00:17

The number of visitors from Spain has increased by 57% since we launched the MRC in Spanish and is still increasing slowly but steadily. Not bad Smile

Anyway the MRC (nor any other website) can't grow infinitely.

By Prodatron

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05-01-2007, 08:15

2006 was really a very cool year! Smile
@Snout: Great summary, thanx a lot! Wish we would have the same for the CPC scene...
@Wolf: Cool, I am on place 3 this time Tongue But the only reason for this is the MSX community, nothing else!
Let's keep it on!