Most important MSX news of 2005 [round 1] revisited

by snout on 26-01-2006, 13:20
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Last night we started taking votes on the 'Most important MSX news of 2005' megapoll, showing working late at night can have some disadvantages. As some nominees were missing and the votesheet contained some errors, we decided to re-start the first round voting with a brand new and now complete list of nominees.

The more people vote, the more exciting it's going to be so please do contribute and fill in the votesheet right here. Our apologies for the inconvinience and happy voting!

Relevant link: Most important MSX news of 2005 [round 1]

Comments (4)

By snout

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31-01-2006, 00:30

Less than 24 hours left to cast your votes!

By AuroraMSX

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31-01-2006, 16:10

I'll just wait for the sequel to News2004 :P

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9918)

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31-01-2006, 17:11

dunno .. might as well be news2006. Because of MSXDEV'05 we were a bit out of time for N'05, and frankly I was also a bit out-dev'ed for a while.. really had to take a break. Somehow I feel a N'xx should come around xmas tho. ^_^

By snout

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01-02-2006, 00:16

Awww pleaaaaaaaaaaaase?! Tongue