MRC forum: 3000 posts

by snout on 04-04-2003, 16:54
Topic: MRC

Less than two months ago we were very proud to announce over 2000 messages were posted in our MSX forum. Now, we are pleasantly surprised to see that we reached yet another milestone, 3000 forum posts, already.

After a slow start, the MSX Resource Center forums have become the most active place to discuss MSX-related topics on the internet. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this success. New members are invited and encouraged to join the discussions!

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By FiXato

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04-04-2003, 18:41

The postcount (when not counting the stuff in our bullshit area and the internal discussions) is now at 'only' 2889 posts, so you have passed us Tongue
And that in only a couple of months, well done guys Tongue