MSX T-Shirts: production completed

by snout on 15-07-2005, 12:25
Topic: MRC

A few minutes ago no less than 250 MSX T-Shirts, of which production started last week, were delivered at MSX Resource Center HQ. As we are still waiting for the packaging material needed to ship the separate orders to MSX fans all around the world to arrive, we expect to send the first MSX T-Shirts out by the beginning of next week.

Visitors of the MSX Club Groningen meeting to be held this Sunday can already obtain their MSX T-Shirts during that meeting. If you would like to collect a T-Shirt over there, please send a message to to make sure I'll take enough MSX T-Shirts with me. If you have already paid for shipment of the T-Shirts but decided to collect the shirts after all, you'll get a refund of the shipping costs (naturally).

To the people who ordered one or more MSX T-Shirts, unable to visit the MSX Club Groningen meeting, keep a good look at your mailboxes and expect them to arrive in the near future!

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By Whizzy

Master (213)

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15-07-2005, 15:30

i need my shirt and i need it now ! Wink


Expert (121)

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16-07-2005, 00:00

Nice going Snout ! Keep up the good work, I appreciate the effort !
Are you happy with the result/quality ? And can you post a photo ?
Can't wait to pick them up Wink

By BraK

Expert (99)

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16-07-2005, 01:49

Yaououououhhh !!!

By hap

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16-07-2005, 15:40

Have you sent confirmation emails to the people who have paid ?

By snout

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16-07-2005, 19:08

I have not processed all payments yet. Next week from tuesday I'll either send you a T-Shirt or a payment notification. From the top of my head, your payment was received correctly Wink

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1783)

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18-07-2005, 15:29

I'm wearing it now,and the silly thing is,if you look down you have the idea you're wearing a tv screen cuz I see the start up logo Big smile