Newsletter poll down, Space Manbow poll up

by wolf_ on 11-09-2011, 21:05
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

How exciting, this is the last poll in MRC2k2 style! *sob* Before we get to introduce this emotional milestone we still have to deal with the previous poll. So, would people like to receive new MRC newsletters? A nice round amount of 50 people have cast their votes, here are the results:

  • Yes, please! 60% (30)
  • No, thank you! 40% (20)

The newsletter may sound like a dated concept, but it looks like there are still people who can appreciate it. The 60/40 balance is remarkable, as we'd expect it to be the exact opposite. The MRC crew will investigate the possibilities to revamp these newsletters, suggestions from all of you are more than welcome.

The new poll is about the greatest horizontal MSX shooter by Konami. Without doubt, games like Nemesis 2 and Salamander have earned their place in history, but technically and artistically Space Manbow is downright exquisite. Great graphics, especially considering the fact that the backgrounds use tile mode, spectacular SCC music and console-like game play make this one of the highlights for our system. In fact, even decades later it hasn't lost any of its appeal. The only thing one could nag about is the shaky border when playing this game on MSX2. An MSX2+ videochip can mask this border but an MSX2 doesn't have this luxury. It would've been possible to mask this border with black sprites, like Hertz has done with HyDeFoS and Psycho World. Obviously, this comes at the cost of sprite enemies, Konami chose not to waste precious sprites and accept this shaky border. How about you? Have you ever been annoyed by that shaky border on MSX2?

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