Videocard poll down, musicchip poll up

by wolf_ on 17-11-2008, 15:04
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A few days late, but nonetheless: a new poll! Prior to presenting the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the Videocard poll from October/November. How do we feel about the development of a possible new videochip/cartridge? Less votes than in earlier polls, but at least they've been made by registered MRC users, so we can assume that these votes are fairly accurate. After 71 votes, here is the result:

  1. I will not buy it, current standards are good enough for me! 49.30%
  2. I will buy it, no matter what! 28.17%
  3. I will buy it as soon as there is cool content for it 22.54%

Conclusion? The vast majority of the voters is perfectly satisfied with what we have already, a smaller group is prepared to invest in a new videochip though, and a smaller group wants content first. The latter group is of course a perfect example of the vicious circle these projects have to fight. Creators of new video chips and cartridges may now have an indication of the possible sales numbers, whether it's enough in order to become a success is something only the future can tell..

The new poll is somewhat related. Not that there was any similar discussion going on about soundchips, but it may be interesting to find out your opinion on the matter anyway. MSX has a number of soundcards. Apart from the standard PSG, the majority of these extensions are FM chips. Konami and Yamaha in addition gave us the SCC and SCC-I while the Moonsound is a relatively modern sound chip with sample playback over 24 channels and a more advanced FM chip in addition. With the MP3 player we can even play anything we'd want from a mass storage medium, but regarding timing it could perhaps be less practical for intensive games. Nonetheless: we have enough choice. But are we satisfied? Do we need more? Should we stick to retro? Hit the right note and make your choice.

If you have an idea for a interesting poll, send your idea to and we will consider running your suggestion for a month.

Relevant link: Poll results

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17-11-2008, 15:11

this poll is interesting as well

By wolf_

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17-11-2008, 15:14

Yea, but a bit too much for our poll I think.. it's more something for a megapoll. But alas, Konamito is running the poll, so that'll do.

By [D-Tail]

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19-11-2008, 08:16

I like the 'MalaiKart' entry Big smile