Falcom screensavers

by Sander on 06-08-1999, 00:00
Topic: MSX Related

I found some Falcom screensavers for MS-Windows9X/NT4. You'll find them here: www.falcom.com/download/ssaver/index.html. But, you need to put an extra file in your /windows/system/ or /wnt/system/ directory if you are using a non-Japanese version of MS-Windows9X/NT4. The ftp link on the Falcom website to that file named "WINNLS.DLL" doesn't work anymore. However, you can download a version of "WINNLS.DLL" at the following url: www.otakuworld.com/toys/index.html?/toys/utils.html. This also works for a lot of other Japanese screensavers!