Falcom is well known for their high quality games and BGMs. With the live performances of the JDK Band and the release of their Vocal Collection audio CDs in the early 1990s, they were groundbreaking in bringing game music to a broarder audience. As of now, the real Falcom otaku can rejoice even more as a large selection of Falcom Vocal Arranged tracks have appead in the realtime request library of Joysound, Japan's leading provider of Karaoke services. 

On an interesting sidenote, Joysound is a service of Brother. The predecessor of Joysound is none other than the Takeru vending machine, in which many MSX games (including European titles) were distributed. The list of MSX related tracks that have become available looks as follows:

Taken from YS II - The Final Chapter

  • Lilia - English version
  • Too full with love (Lance village theme)
  • In Adventure World (Stay with me forever)

​Taken from Dragon Slayer VI: The Legend of Heroes

  • 風のモノローグ (Kaze no monologue) - Ending theme
  • Moon light mystery - Field theme
  • 風の王子 (Kaze no Prince) - Town theme

Taken from Sorcerian

  • 星空のララバイ (Hoshizora no Lullaby) - Traveler's Inn
  • All because of you - Ending
  • 闇のヴァンブーラン (Yami no vanbooran)  - Ice cave
  • Long long time agon - Scenario clear theme

Taken from Sorcerian Sengoku

  • Get in the wild - Ninja house

Many of the countless Karaoke lounges in Japan use the services of Joysound, so if you happen to be in Japan a Karaoke lounge near you will probably have all these songs on offer. So, high time to rehearse the lyrics from those vocal rearrangements and work on your karaoke skills!

Relevant link: Falcom - List of BGMs on Joysound

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09-02-2012, 01:03

So, there are vocal versions of all of these songs? Nice! Although I prefer singing somewhat heavier songs when I'm in a karaoke bar or box, it might be nice to try one of these for a change Smile.