FMPSG now available outside Japan

FMPSG now available outside Japan

by Pac on 16-11-2021, 02:21
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FMPSG is not a new topic here, we already reported about it from the beginning and some later releases. The FMPSG project started its activities in autumn 2003 in order to preserve the culture of making music using the old computer soundchips, such as FM and PSG as its name suggests, because it was becoming less popular at that time. The final product would be launched on CD periodically.

The team used a variety of sound sources including personal computers, consoles, FM sound sources with mobile phones and MIDI instruments, soft emulation synths, etc. And not only composing game music but also original songs and anime song covers. Of course, our beloved MSX computer was very well represented along with other important Japanese platforms such as PC-98, FM TOWNS, Family Computer, PC Engine, etc. On the other hand you will recognize some well-known MSX composers like Wiz and Gyabuneko on the long list of musicians who made this huge music collection possible over the years.

As of today, the discography consists of 30 CD and the latest one was published on March 2020. This week the FMPSG team announced on Twitter that their products can be now purchased outside of Japan through AliceBooks store with affordable prices and while stocks last. If you are interested, don't miss your chance.

Relevant link: FMPSG website
Relevant link: FMPSG on Twitter

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All but the last album have been uploaded by FMPSG on