Goonies 20th anniversary edition

by Jorito on 31-08-2006, 23:36
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As in 2003 and 2004, Brain Games contributed once more to the yearly remakes competition organized by Retro Remakes. This time, they decided to do a remake of Konami's classic platformer The Goonies. Now that the deadline has passed, it's time to show the world their contribution. You can download the remake from this website. There's versions available for Windows and for Mac OS X, and you can also download a Linux/source version.

Relevant link: Goonies 20th anniversary edition website

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By Jorito

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31-08-2006, 23:42

I already started a forum topic, begging for reactions Wink You can find it here, just in case you're interested :)

By wolf_

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31-08-2006, 23:43

and jorito did quite a decent job Tongue

By MP83

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01-09-2006, 00:10

We almost couldn't make it in time. Thanks to a certain someone, we managed to get some kickass graphics for the compo version. Crying

By Nautilus

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01-09-2006, 04:14

11,7Mb?! Wow, MSX's Goonies is only 32Kb. Tongue

By Patsie

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01-09-2006, 08:02

[shameless selfplug]
wow, great stuff! Big smile
[/shameless selfplug]

By BiFi

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01-09-2006, 11:51

patsie unplugged Wink

By meits

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01-09-2006, 12:49

I say chaps: Ah yeah!

By PingPong

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01-09-2006, 16:30

Uhm, The remake has ZX Spectrum Graphics. ...

By shaiwa

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01-09-2006, 23:30

Realy nice, game deserved a remake I think.

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