Hideo Kojima on the future of games

by wolf_ on 22-07-2008, 14:42
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Hideo Kojima, the creative mind behind the classic Metal Gear who has just released MGS4, has stated that 'the next level of gaming" isn't yet possible on the current-gen hardware. According to Hideo, sound and visuals could be far more interesting and dynamic in the future. For instance by having plants in the background grow after you've given them water, rather than having pre-programmed and static backgrounds.

While the article was referring to consoles, the idea is of course perfectly adaptable to MSX as well, be it with 2d graphics. Especially a Graphics9000 would be a good candidate for dynamic backgrounds with its thousands of available tiles.

Furthermore, according to the article, rumors say that Hideo is working on a new game based on the RPG The Snatcher!

Relevant link: CVG - Kojima: "Next level of gaming" not yet possible

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By Grauw

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22-07-2008, 18:12

*gasps* if that rumour is true… my greatest hopes have come true!

By pitpan

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22-07-2008, 19:04

Oh, yeah. Impressive. With next-gen hardware you'll be able to grow your own virtual hemp! I really don't see the point. The current hardware specs allow to interact with the backgrounds. Regarding the application of this [not very innovative] idea to MSX gaming scene, I'd say that GFX9000 is capable, but so is a plain vanilla MSX1. Patterns are good enough when it comes to animations.

Anyway, we'll have a close look to that Snatcher game. Wink

By wolf_

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22-07-2008, 19:30

It's more the amount of tiles that matters. If you grow things like plants, then you want various phases in memory, and preferably a few alternative curves so things don't look too repetitive. In a G9k you could store about uhm.. dunno, what was it? 15000 tiles or something? That's a bit more than the 768 of the MSX1.. Tongue

By LeandroCorreia

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22-07-2008, 19:40

I´d love a game where I´d have to wait for plants to grow. Perhaps it would pave the way for an Advanced Lawnmower Simulation sequel. Wink

By JohnHassink

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23-07-2008, 00:18

Let's make a game in which you have to attend drying wallpaper! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By mjgsantos

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23-07-2008, 03:01

Stop teasing me with those Snatcher rumours, DAMMIT!!!!

By MäSäXi

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23-07-2008, 09:53

CBM-64 had gardening game where your plants grow when you watered them and you had to keep nasty bugs off from eating plants, eventually plants grew as tall as the screen, that was nice! Smile Cannot remember game name thought, garden-something....

By jltursan

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23-07-2008, 10:56

CBM-64 had gardening game where your plants grow when you watered them and you had to keep nasty bugs off from eating plants, eventually plants grew as tall as the screen

Oh yeah! and speccy had Pssst too. Pretty dynamic indeed...:)

By wolf_

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23-07-2008, 12:09

In Topple Zip you could place a flower somewhere with a weapon, even in the sea Tongue

By Samor

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22-07-2021, 17:34

13 years later and I don't think a lot has changed except for prettier graphics Tongue