Konami News

by Sander on 27-05-2000, 11:02
Topic: MSX Related

Konami Japan have announced a deal which is intended to make them major players in the fast-growing games market for mobile communication devices. They are teaming up with a company called Dwango, which is renowned as a leader in this field, producing such palmtop and telephone games as Dwango and Iwango which are very popular with the Japanese.

European users are only just getting wise to the potential of mobile phones as mini entertainment consoles, with simple but fiercely addictive games such as Snake attracting more and more users. However, the deal with Dwango indicates how important Konami Japan anticipate this field becoming in the near future, with rapid changes on the horizon. It is intended to use languages such as Java, which have very strong cross-platform capabilities, to create a broad range of entertainment content. Using such mult-platform programming techniques would also allow for transmission of content to other devices as well as mobile phones, such as home computers, games consoles and even the fridge door!

Taken from the Konami UK Site