Metal Gear 3 - first english trailer

by Latok on 25-08-2004, 20:10
Topic: MSX Related

The official Metal Gear 3 website must be one of the most visited Konami pages of all. On this website you can have a look at impressive screenshots and interesting information on this highly anticipated new Hideo Kojima game. In 1987 Konami released the very first version of Metal Gear on the MSX Computer system. In 1990 Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was released on MSX as well. Both Snatcher and SD-Snatcher are also famous Hideo Kojima games.

At the Game Convention in Germany, Konami was given the 'best Playstation2 game' award for their megaproject Metal Gear 3-Snake Eater. As an act of gratitude, Konami showed the first english Metal Gear 3 trailer in return. This trailer has now been added to the official Metal Gear 3 website.

You can already pre-order the Japanese or American version of MGS3: Snake Eater at Lik-sang.

Relevant link: official Metal Gear 3 website

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By makinavaja

Master (222)

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25-08-2004, 23:09

Will pal version of metal gear 3 have a 60hz graphical mode? I dont know why konami never include this mode on its european releases... ¬_¬, so most of my ps2 games are puchased on USA internet shops

By Latok

msx guru (3959)

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25-08-2004, 23:15

Europeans are almost always stuck with 50hz versions. Which s*cks.....

By Sousuke

Master (177)

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27-08-2004, 02:56

Anyone ever tried "Game Accelerator"?
Wonder whether it really is able to run every game in NTSC mode...