MSX music arrangements by DrDRE3

MSX music arrangements by DrDRE3

by Pac on 09-10-2022, 09:34
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A chiptune is synthesized electronic music created using sound chips from mainly old computers and video game consoles. Despite the poor quality of the sounds in most cases, for retro fans, they are quite literally music for the ears bringing back fond memories and certain nostalgia. But, when we listen to those melodies with a fresh and renewed style, it can lead to a better feeling, for sure.

Located in Amman (Jordan), Mohammed Idrei, aka DrDRE3, wants to offer just this to the audience through his Youtube channel called Game Music Smash performing game music arrangements in Rock & Heavy Metal style. Oh, yeah!

This channel is intended for all kinds of platforms but the MSX was where DrDRE3 took his first steps, so it is not a surprise why he chose our beloved computer to start with this saga. Until now King's Valley, The Goonies, Gradius, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and Knightmare were arranged. On top of that, a video with an introduction about every game and how its music arrangement was performed is also available. English subtitles are included.

DrDRE3 was professionally dedicated to the film industry as a VFX and 3D animation artist for the past 17 years and as a musician over the last 10 years with the well-known Hayajan band. Game Music Smash is the result of combining his skills and passion for gaming, music, and animation together. We hope to be delighted with more MSX tunes in near future. Enjoy the performance!

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By gdx

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09-10-2022, 13:51

I want his music in a game during Boss battles. Smile

By Guillian

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09-10-2022, 19:05

Nice arrangements!!