Nokia N-Gage GameStation

by Sander on 10-02-2003, 12:36
Topic: MSX Related

We've all heard about the new Nokia Gameboy wannabee, even on CNN. But what is all the fuzz about?

It's a mobile phone with a 4096 color tft screen, build in 4MB flash memory, Stereo FM Radio, it can play mp3 and AAC music files. It comes with software to connect to your pc. With this software you can make and upload mp3 and AAC music to the device. Files are stored on a 64MB memory card (included).

Futhermore, it has Bluetooth and GPRS so you can surf the internet and play multiplayer games locally.

Although the N-Gage is set for release in the last quarter of 2003, a few game publishers have already agreed to release titles for this new platform.

Among them are Eidos, they will release Tombraider, Sega with Sonic and Taito will support the device with two titles at start-up, Puzzle Bobble, and a Classic game pack which will include Space Invaders for sure.

You can look at the detailed specs of the N-Gage at the Nokia N-Gage webpage.

Taito Japan has an English page where they keep information about mobile phone games. You can view screenshots of Puzzle Bobble, Space Invaders and Crazy Balloon here, amongst others.

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By anonymous

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11-02-2003, 14:35

The screen resolution sucks Tongue

By snout

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12-02-2003, 00:05

Henrik Gilvad works at Nokia, right? Maybe he designed this thingy Tongue