Penguin Adventure Online - Work in progress

by snout on 24-10-2011, 15:52
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Source: MSX Forum

One of the best MSX games ever, Penguin Adventure is to celebrate its 25th anniversary and Kotai did not want to let this go unnoticed. In this forum topic they announced the development of Penguin Adventure Online, an online multiplayer remake of this Konami classic. In the forum thread you can watch a lot of in-game graphics and videos of beta versions, the most recent of which is this one, which shows the multiplayer functionality in action.  

Relevant link: Penguin Adventure Online - beta 6 video

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By kotai

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26-10-2011, 19:51

Thanks for the publicity.
Before the end of the month I relase a demo version with 12 stages LOL!

By wolf_

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26-10-2011, 20:36

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