Princess Maker The Refinement Version

by Latok on 07-11-2002, 10:12
Topic: MSX Related

In 1992 Microcabin released the MSX port of the 1991 Gainax game Princess Maker.In this training simulation game, you have to take care of a little girl and make sure she finally becomes a princess. Thanks to the original Princess Maker, this genre became a huge success and many other similar games were published.For the MSX platform, only the original Princess Maker was released. Because many MSX-ers have played this game, it is worth mentioning that Gainax is going to release a redone version of the original Princess Maker.This new version will have better graphics, speech and sounds. It will be released on the 17th of january 2003 for the Windows-platform. You can order the game online, but it's not sure if Gainax ships overseas.