EGG joins forces with D4 Enterprise

by snout on 05-08-2004, 13:19
Topic: MSX Revival

Project EGG, the online webshop where MSX, PC-88, PC-98, Sega Master System and X68000 retrogames are being re-released as PC games, is about to move away from Bothtec's Soft City. Until now, Project EGG has been one of the side-activities of the Japanese company Bothtec, a company that has been releasing MSX games since 1984.

From the start in 2002, Project EGG has attracted many retro gaming fans, breaking the 10,000 members barrier in a bit more than a year after its launch. As of today, more than 10,000 members are still enjoying the services of Project EGG. One of the greatest achievements of Project EGG to date was bundling YS1 to YS5 with the recently released YS6 - The Ark of Napishtim. This way the old retrogames found their way to many thousands of gaming enthousiasts.

The activities of Project EGG will now move to the young Japanese company D4 Enterprise, who are working on a website called Amusement Center. Project EGG will become part of this website and, more importantly, the main activity of D4 Enterprise, which probably means that there will be more activity on Project EGG releases in the near future. The managing director of D4 Enterprise, Mr. Naoto Suzuki (who can be seen on this picture), already played a key role in Project EGG in the past.

This move tightens the bonds between Project EGG, the ACCS (Association of Copyright for Computer Software) and MSX Association. It also allows Project EGG to act more independantly and take decisions more quickly. It is as of now unclear if this also means that Project EGG will deploy their activities outside of Japan, but as soon as we hear something about that you will be the first to know.

Relevant link: D4 Enterprise

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By anonymous

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05-08-2004, 14:39

The .com address holds promise for international activities, don't you think?

By tfh

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05-08-2004, 16:11

Wasn't Soft-city also a .com address?
Anyway, I hope you are right. Would be nice if they gave some more attention to our European people Smile

By Ivan

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05-08-2004, 19:05

Yeah, Navy Moves and After the War re-released Tongue