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Already announced in September 2006, the time has finally come for the first MSX games to appear in the Japanese Virtual Console channels of the Nintendo Wii game console. As Cube3D reports over here, the first MSX games to appear in the virtual console are Aleste and Eggy. Both games are scheduled for release in March 2007. The price for the games is set at 800 Wii points.

Game fans around the world are, of course, highly anticipating the release of MSX games in the Virtual Console outside Japan, but so far no information has been released on the topic. All we know now is that more and more MSX games are likely to follow in Japan. Lets just hope for European and USA releases as well.

Relevant link: Virtual Console news update on Cube3D

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By poke-1,170

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24-02-2007, 17:53

guess eggy is the first thing that pops to mind when releasing msx games on the wii Tongue

By snout

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25-02-2007, 11:03

It was a tough choice between Eggy and Guido's Lost in Platinus....

small hint: Project EGG started as a project from Bothtec. The success of Project EGG led to the division of Bothtec becoming a separate company: D4E. Relations between the two companies are rather good, so why not give a Bothtec game a 'first' as MSX game in the Wii VC, eh? Smile

By poke-1,170

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25-02-2007, 18:34

guess eggy and project egg are no coincidence either ? Tongue