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by snout on 17-09-2004, 23:28
Topic: MSX Revival

After the well-received earlier editions of MSX Magazine, ASCII and the MSX Association have decided to extend the series with a 2004 edition. Currently, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to once again produce an entertaining issue.

As some may know, last year's issue included a six page article on MSX outside Japan. Special attention was paid to three countries: the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. Writing this article was only possible because of the kind cooperation of Nestor Soriano (Konami Man) and José Lucio Gama aka SLotman, who provided detailed information on the MSX situation in their countries. In this forum thread you can see some of the results of last years efforts.

The MSX Magazine team would once again like to introduce some 'foreign MSX computing' to the Japanese audience. This year, the focus will be on Russia and the Arabic countries.

Google, archived personal mail and books already produced quite a lot of fruitful information. Yet, some material is still missing, and the MSX Magazine 3 team would like to ask your help to fill the gaps. In this forum thread you can find out more about the information the MSX Magazine 3 team is looking for.

Relevant link: MSX Magazine 3 needs your help

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By DarQ

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18-09-2004, 12:49

Google, archived personal mail and books already produced quite a lot of fruitful information.

strange sentence mr

By Grauw

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18-09-2004, 21:20

What? What's wrong with it? I think it's a nicely written sentence.

By elements

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19-09-2004, 09:36

is better to give more attention to msx developers in these days (give a change to grow up) past is past , we r now living in the future to develop a new msx system.

By Abi

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21-09-2004, 10:45

idd, do we know anything of the Japanese groups who make some new games nowadays?
1st it is hard for us to find them on the internet and 2nd we can not read the japanese texts (well some of us can Tongue)
So for the japanese it is the same, the know we are here, but do not know how to find us and to read our languages.
The MSX magazine make this possible for them to see what we are doing here(hard- and software) and can give them a stimulance go on or to do some more (other things) for our MSX system Big smile