MSX Print - Second Part

by Sander on 09-06-2000, 20:51
Topic: MSX Revival

We have also visited the MSX fair held in Tilburg, The Netherlands, this year. Actually we had hoped to be able to present the information concerning this project at the Tilburg fair, but unfortunately we didn'treally have the opportunity to do so. Japanese MSX fairs are huge meetingplaces where all the MSX groups gather, but at the Tilburg fair, all the MSX groups were divided in several rooms. Therefore, it was hard to get everyone's attention. We had also hoped to interchange thoughts with Sunrise and LeonardoPadial from Spain about which kind of CPU and soundchip will be implemented and what kind of harddisk interface could be used best, bu tit seemed to us that they had very little interest in this new MSX project. The company that will be responsible for the sale of the new MSX willmost probably become Panasonic.