New additions to EGG English

by snout on 25-10-2010, 21:05
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: D4 Enterprise

Although not as active as its Japanese counterpart, the English section of EGG has been updated with several new releases with an MSX flavor. Since we last reported about this Japanese retro gaming platfoms, the following games were added:

Relevant link: EGG English

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By sd_snatcher

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25-10-2010, 23:29

Once you buy a game from Project EGG is it possible to use the dsk/ROM on a real MSX? Or is the dsk/ROM protected/encripted in a way that makes this impossible?

By snout

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26-10-2010, 13:45

Alas... EGG releases can only be played on the EGG launcher, not on real MSX.

By Latok

msx guru (3959)

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28-10-2010, 23:16

An EGG-launcher must be some kind of spoon.

By snout

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29-10-2010, 00:35

or a very powerful chicken. ^_^

By Imanok

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29-10-2010, 17:28

Did anybody buy the "Blaster Burn" compilations??... in that case, how have they implemented the change between different chapters of the game??