OCM-EXTRA pack 1.4

by snout on 10-07-2011, 11:22
Topic: MSX Revival

Together with the release of OCM-PLD Pack 3.1 a new version of the OCM-EXTRA pack was released as well. In this archive, you can find various tools that make use of the new features that become available on the One Chip MSX after you upgrade. Additions to this version:

  • New command supported by the 1chipMSX with OCM-PLD Pack v3.1 or later: EXTCLOCK.COM
  • Sources included inside [src\] folder
  • New STATUS.BAS example inside [demo\] folder
  • New batch examples inside [demo\scripts\] folder

Relevant link: KdL's website

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By KdL

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10-07-2011, 19:17

And today you get a new update!! Smile Smile Smile

v1.5 [2011.07.10]

- New command supported by 1chipMSX w/ OCM-PLD Pack v2.4 or later:
  SETSMART.COM, simultaneous smart commands tool.
  Source included inside [src\] folder, example inside [demo\scripts\] folder.
- New [utils\] and [help\] folders:
  * A:\>HELP SETSMART shows the smart commands table.
- Updated EXTCLOCK.COM and source code.

SETSMART is a new and very important command to get a fast and full support to 1chipMSX.

Kind Regards Hannibal