MSX entry on 'Wanna Hld Yr Handheld'

by poke-1,170 on 27-09-2009, 01:34
Topic: Music

MRC regular poke-1,170 has submitted a remix for the new 8 bit operators project "Wanna Hld Yr Handheld". This project is all about remixes of The Beatles, made by chiptune composers. As such, the result is lovely Avant Garde and electronic, made by over 20 of the biggest international names in 8-bit chip music. All of them utilizing re-tooled, classic Game Boys, Ataris, Commodore 64s and Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Poke used his MSX to create When I'm 64, using good old Moonblaster and ye olde config from the 90's: FM-PAC, Music Module and a handful of PSG noises.

Relevant link: MySpace - 8 bit operators

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By ro

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28-09-2009, 19:17


By Manuel

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28-09-2009, 22:40

Is there an MP3 somewhere? For some stupid reason, decided that I don't have Flash installed. (Which I have, of course.)


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01-10-2009, 02:07

All of these songs are great! Thumbs up!