MSX MIDI Remakes 2

MSX MIDI Remakes 2

by Oscar on 20-12-2019, 16:39 translated by Pac
Topic: Music
Tags: FKD, music

José Manuel López from FKD is back again with a new musical work: MSX MIDI Remakes 2.

FKD Producciones presents a new music compilation in response to the user demand and conditioned by the great success of its previous work.
In this new work there are some changes related to people involved: Ramón Robles (RDR) in charge of graphic design, Jorge Pascual and Marc Vallribera collaborated as a music critics and Francisco Morales once again as a prime mover of the project. José Manuel López, as in the previous compilation, created all the music arrangements included on the compact disc.
The working method was the same applied in the previous work: two MIDI modules from Roland, specifically SC-88 PRO and SC-155, were used and other instruments were added by software with help of modern PC tools.
The result is the sum of three different sound sources, thus getting new and original arrangements. This new compilation consists of 33 new tracks. Classical themes from our beloved MSX which takes us to our chilhood when we enjoyed the MSX for hours or even days.
The total duration of the CD is about 80 minutes. A lot of musical themes were refused and this has caused headaches for the team members.
The compilation will be sold at the next 56th Barcelona MSX users meeting in January 2020 at the FKD booth. We recommend to order your copy before being sold out. The price is 6 euros, shipping not included via mail.

FKD would like to thank you all, the fantastic response from the MSX scene and wish you a Merry Christmas.

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