Sol-Feace Stage 4 for SCMD by Chabinn

by snout on 17-06-2007, 16:20
Topic: Music

Chabinn has released a re-arrangement of a BGM from Sol Feace, a shoot'em-up from Wolf team. The song was created in SCMD and uses PSG, SCC, SCCPCM and OPLL. You can download an mp3 and the MML in the Special Music section at 3MHz. Other songs created in SCMD can be found over here.

Relevant link: 3MHz - Special Music section

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By shaiwa

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19-06-2007, 00:26

Sorry, gonna say it again. TRACKER! ... or good English doc's will help?
Nice tune i think.

By poke-1,170

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19-06-2007, 13:52

nice tune indeed Smile
now, thunderforce IV on the megadrive (hint, hint) Wink