38th MSX RU Barcelona - photo shoots

by snout on 09-12-2010, 15:18
Topic: Photo shoots

Source: MSX Forum

Last weekend, AAMSX held the 38th reunion of MSX Users in Barcelona, Spain. It was a nice and crowded meeting where many active MSX groups showcased their latest developments. Unfortunately an unannounced strike of air-controllers in Spain forced SuperSoniqs to return home with a suitcase full of PlaySoniqs.

For those who could not attend the meeting, several photo shoots have appeared on the web so that you can at least catch a glimpse of the day. There's a fair report with photo's from Aorante, and a selection of photos on Google Picasa. Then there also is the extensive photo shoot from Paxanga and finally there's a Spanish review with some blurry pictures.

Relevant link: AAMSX