Bitwise have updated their website, adding two new games to their products corner:

Both games are part of the Shockware service, which allows MSX developers to release their games on MSX cartridge without any production costs, receiving 20% of the final sale price for each copy sold. As an added bonus, (full color) art-work can be arranged by Matra as well. You can find out more on Shockware by visiting this website.

Last but not least, Bitwise also has a few copies left of Dahku and Bomb Jack, which were recently declared freeware. If you'd like to own the game including box and manual, you'd better hurry!

Relevant link: Bitwise

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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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24-01-2007, 18:53

I've seen these carts in Nijmegen: they look very good and it's quite funny to see a new cartridge with a game again .. anno 2007 Tongue (we were already used to the Sunrise products ofcoz, but that's different)

By Ivan

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24-01-2007, 22:16

'Laura Palmer Sealed System' Tongue Do we get embalmed cartridges? Tongue Tongue