We are very pleased to see our downloads database is doing so well. In our most recent downloads top 10 we could already see that especially rare and new software titles can count on many downloads. More than enough reason to add several new titles for you all to enjoy. The following titles were added today:

Club GHQ Samurai diskmagazines

Club GHQ was a Japanese User group who were looking for contacts all over the world in the early nineties. They teamed up with Flying Bytes and distributed Dutch (amateur) MSX software in Japan, mainly through Takeru vending machines. On their Japanese diskmagazine they reported about MSX in Japan and their international contacts.

UMF - ROM diskmagazines

UMF is still alive as an active forum on the internet. In the ninties they released a diskmagazine called Read Only Magazine (ROM). The 6th issue of this magazine was the result of merging between Sunrise and UMF.

Unicorn music disks

Unicorn was one of the first MSX user groups to create home-made software. Unicorn was well known for the many songs they created in FM-BASIC. They were responsible for the music in the Quasar diskmagazines. Apart from the music disks we released previously they also created the following titles, which were added to our downloads database today:


  • AC Demo (AC Team) - A nice demo created by two dutch friends.
  • ANT demo (Impact) - Impact's goodbye to the MSX computer system. A must see for everyone who loves the Impact graphics and sound.
  • Bananenvla (FM Edition) (Flying Bytes/Benoît Delvaux) - A version of the music disk Bananenvla that also supports the MSX-MUSIC. The original version was MSX-AUDIO only.

With that, we now have close to 300 legal downloads in more than 50 categories in our downloads database. Don't hesitate to send your productions in as well! You can always contact us at downloads@msx.org