Final Copy

by snout on 22-09-2004, 14:59
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

In an attempt to create the best copy tool around, Marcos Daniel has just released Final Copy. According to Marcos, this is the best MSX Copier ever, being able to create backups of any Floppy Disk, including 99.9% of the copy protections. At the moment, the copier only works with port-based (Brazilian) disk interfaces. As the sources are included, perhaps someone might be interested in adding support for other disk interfaces as well.
Final Copy uses the mapper or the megaram in ANY slot and in ANY size which is unique as no other copier has this function. Also it can copy 360 5 1/4 disks in 720 5 1/4 drives or just transform a 360 5 1/4 em 720 5 1/4 disk using a 720 5 1/4 drive. Final Copy is also able to recover CRC errors when copying disks which is a nice feature when you're reading back old disks.

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Update 2004/10/01
Added more detailed specs and information on Final Copy.

Relevant link: Final Copy