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by wolf_ on 28-06-2008, 13:02
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Italian MSX programmer Marco Rossin has sent us Ghibli 0.2 to add to our growing Freeware Download database. GHIBLI is a symbolic debugger designed to aid development of 64K-based MSX-DOS applications. Details for this new version:

Fixed bugs:

  • Incorrect size/mnemonic of some instructions
  • File load command returns wrong number of bytes loaded
  • Wrong behavior when more than 4 arguments are supplied

Summary of new or improved features:

  • Disassembly listing: 16 bit operands are solved to symbol (if exact match found)
  • Disassembly listing: JRs and DJNZ have destination address ported to 16 bit and are solved to symbol (if exact match found)
  • Symbols are case sensitive and can be up to 16 chars long (exceeding chars are dropped)
  • Symbol files can be cumulatively loaded, every "sl" command will append symbols to the existing symbol table
  • Symbol files generated both by L80 and GEN80 are supported
  • step inside/over on CALL and RST
  • New "do" command loads and executes a text file as a script
  • function keys remapped
  • Memory usage check and visualization at startup
  • Size/mnemonic table comes from external file
  • File load command supports a load address as 2nd parameter
  • Switch to monitor mode waits for VDP to terminate command on execution
  • F-register visualization as bitmap
  • Register names no more case sensitive
  • Input line can be up to 64 chars long
  • Up to 16 (software) breakpoints
  • Disk access speedup
  • Hexadecimal input easier: no case sensitive, can be any length
  • Changed/minimized command names, list of available with "help" command
  • Interrupts happening in "monitor" mode can use up to 64 bytes on stack

Relevant link: Ghibli 0.2

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By MicroTech

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01-07-2008, 16:49

Debugging I found that M80 does not report any error when assembling the instructions
but will produce the following

Can anybody point out a test sequence of instructions/bytes to sample Ghibli's disassembler quality?