GrooveSX announced

by snout on 12-07-2011, 14:01
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Source: aOrante's blog

During third edition of the ClubSprite Chiptune Stage event, which was held on the third of July, MSX developer aOrante announced and demonstrated one of his new projects called GrooveSX. Knowing his other known projects are VeejingSX and PSGed, it is no surprise that GrooveSX is a chiptune tool as well. With this utility, which is based on WYZplayer, you can create live music, using 2 PSG chips and one SCC simultaneously. The similar MSX-Synth project of Paxanga Soft was demonstrated on the same event as well.

Relevant link: aOrante's blog post on Chiptune Stage v3

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By snout

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13-07-2011, 16:24

Addendum: a first peek at the interface can be found right here

By Sander

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14-07-2011, 10:16

Please consider adding support for the PlaySoniq's/ Franky's SN76489. It doesn't differ much from our PSG and since the PlaySoniq also has a SCC implementation this would really be of great use!