Krazilec's Dahku preview

by Bart on 30-09-2005, 20:49
Topic: Software

A playable promo version of the upcoming MSX2 game Dahku by Kralizec has been put online at the Bitwise website. Dahku is not yet available for order, but is expected to be in the near future.

Relevant link: Dahku promo download page

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By Latok

msx guru (3959)

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30-09-2005, 21:15

And you can play the game @ Bussum tomorrow! Good fun Smile


Paladin (1012)

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30-09-2005, 21:15

funny game Smile

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10134)

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30-09-2005, 23:29

Very good gfx, very good-looking sprites! As usual I wasn't paying attention that sharp, so I though the playscreen was screen 5 ^_^, until I looked at the statusbar of nlmsx. (the multilayer suddenly made sense again ^_^) The game reminds me of KingsValley and Frantic. Good music too. One of the more polished scenegames I'd say.

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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01-10-2005, 00:32

That much positive comments coming from Wolf implies it must really be a great game Wink (just kidding eh, Wolf)
But indeed, it's a great game as far as I can tell. Great job on the screen4 gfx! And way cool PSG too! Thumbs up!


Enlighted (6088)

NYYRIKKI's picture

01-10-2005, 09:21

Great graphics and musics! Very professional, but controls (expetially jumping) needs some polishing.


Enlighted (6976)

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01-10-2005, 16:32

Very nice!!!
Do they use magoo's vscreen ?

By Guillian

Prophet (3528)

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01-10-2005, 19:39

No, it is coded from scratch

By viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

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01-10-2005, 21:58

Very good graphics and nice gameplay. Congrats!.

By [D-Tail]

Ascended (8263)

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02-10-2005, 19:56

Very professional, but controls (expetially jumping) needs some polishing.Can you elaborate on that, nyyrikki?


Enlighted (6976)

ARTRAG's picture

03-10-2005, 12:52

I must insist, in my opinion Dahku and vscreen share part of their code,
they share many ideas like the scorebar effects, the splitscreen, the parallax
in the scroll...
I am not only speaching about the ideas, but also of realization.
The timing of many things are too similar.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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03-10-2005, 13:20

Did you reach that conclusion by disassembling the code or it's a simple speculation?

BTW, and as far as I Know, Dahku is an old project. I remember the first sketch made by Sutchan in 1998 or so.

By Guillian

Prophet (3528)

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03-10-2005, 13:22

Of course you can insist as much as you want, but you are wrong. It is neither based or uses VSCREEN.
Furthermore, I think you are disrespectful to Armando Perez (aka Ramones) insinuating he ripped part of the code from VSCREEN, even after I said it was not true.

Your arguments about using parallax scroll or split screens; do you think only VSCREEN can do that? What about Tetris 8k Armando made some time ago, or Space Manbow, or that old Mi-Chi demos, are all they based on VSCREEN too?

I know VSCREEN is a quite nice pice of software and a good tool for making games for those how can't code an entire game by theirselves. But this is not the case.

By Ramones

Champion (264)

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03-10-2005, 13:35

Hi ARTRAG. I'm Ramones (Armando), coder of Dahku, BJ, Kpi Ball, Kralizec Tetris ...

Well. I don't understand your mail. Smile

My code is 100% new. I don't have VScreen Code. And (don't is my intention offense Vscreen), I beleive that is IMPOSSIBLE make Dahku in Vscreen.

3 channels PSG complex Music (for the instruments), FX, 6 enemys (4 sprites for enemy), your player, the parallax scroll, the scroll, the horizontal interrupt for the score, the change of palette and screen in score ....

And ALL this, FRAME TO FRAME. No two frames (as Bombaman, Kpi ball... ), ONE FRAME.

And the most important: I'm not a LAMER. Sad Sorry but this comment is offense for me. All in Dahku is 100% my own code (except the arrange for Vortex player made in Manuel Pazos and me).

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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03-10-2005, 13:39

I 100% agree with Guillian.

And, note that the scroll in Dahku is not a simple parallax but a smooth dual-plane scroll.

By Manuel

Ascended (19674)

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03-10-2005, 16:35

Anyway, this game looked VERY impressive! Keep it up!!
I'm looking forward to buy the final version.

And to be honest: at first sight, I also had to think about VSCREEN! But, as both are different projects, we should pay our respect to both authors for their amazing work!


Enlighted (6976)

ARTRAG's picture

03-10-2005, 16:51

Ok Ok, of course I didn't disassemble the code.
I must be wrong, probably similarities came from the fact that "status of the art" platform games on MSX converge towards similar products.
This is a case of convergent evolution, independent organisms in the same environmental conditions develop to evolutive solutions.

I would have liked the game even if it were based on vscreen

By Ramones

Champion (264)

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03-10-2005, 17:20

Ok ARTRAG. Smile No problem. End of discussion. Smile

In few days, final version of Dahku available for play with the real players (Ronny, Sonja and Rogue), with 5 towers, and 4 levels for tower, and 1 boss for level. Wink

Happy gaming!

P.S.: For other people. Please test Dahku promo and send comments. Wink


Enlighted (6976)

ARTRAG's picture

03-10-2005, 17:21

"similar" was missing!!

I was meaning :

"similar evolutive solutions"

By Imanok

Paragon (1200)

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04-10-2005, 10:52

Maybe we should take some care when we spread some of our 'opinions'... people can easily feel offended.

Anyway.... Dahku rocks for sure!! Big smile

By Maggoo

Paragon (1218)

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20-10-2005, 19:49

@ ARTRAG: In fact, the only things Dahku and Vscreen have in common is the fact they are both Screen 4 platform oriented, smooth scrolling based games (and the fact the Demo of Vscreen also use GFX from Mr Sutchan Smile

But that's where similarities ends. Controls, sprites management, music replayer, and I guess the whole code are different. I can understand the confusion tho... By definition, all screen 4 platform games will eventually might have a common look & feel, that's part of the MSX limits...

BTW, Dahku is truly great !