Lieves!Tuore, the Finnish demoscene group known for their MSX demos adnukes, atsaas, atselous, avaakkus, avalis and several more starting with 'a', did it again! This time they won the love of the crowds over at The Alternative Party 2013 with their MSX demo Atsarias as they won first place in the combined intro competition.

The Alternative Party, perhaps better known as AltParty, is one of Finland's annual digital culture festivals and has strong ties with the demoscene, which means that developers from many different (retro-)systems get together at AltParty to compete in the various competitions. This year they celebrated their 15th anniversary.

Lieve!Tuore's entry was a 64k MSX demo which also uses the VJ-style they used for their Amurisus demo released at Revision 2013. As 'hospital' was this year's theme for AltParty, the demo shows colourful pills and nurses spinning and flashing to a typical L!T chiptune. Their competition was second-place winning Linux 64k demo Human Mind +5 and third-place winning 256b MS-DOS intro blue fusion.

So, go ahead and download Atsarias from the Lieves!Tuore website, or if you don't feel like running the demo yourself, watch the video recording of Atsarias over at YouTube.

Relevant link: Atsarias at Pouet

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  • Lieves!Tuore wins first place with Atsarias at AltParty 2013
  • Lieves!Tuore wins first place with Atsarias at AltParty 2013

Comments (8)

By syn

Prophet (2106)

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20-10-2013, 17:03

Its always cool to see MSX being represented at a multiplatform event.. and actually shining at it (by winning). Good job!

By FiXato

Scribe (1740)

FiXato's picture

20-10-2013, 17:07

I would've liked to have seen more competition though. Smile
Still, congrats L!T for winning this and keeping MSX in the spotlight Big smile

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10035)

wolf_'s picture

20-10-2013, 18:37

Dr.Pill approves!

By yzi

Champion (444)

yzi's picture

20-10-2013, 20:14

This time, some of the effects run at full 50 Hz framerate even without R800 turbo mode. Great! I'm a sucker for CRT and full framerate fullscreen effects. The music is... alternative, to say the least. I think this style of sound and visuals fits the MSX1 with the low-resolution graphics and square wave sounds.

By hap

Paragon (2041)

hap's picture

21-10-2013, 13:46

I'm in nostalgic mode, watching old MSX1 demos. Remember back in the day when half of the (Dutch) MSX community insisted that L!T and bandwagon MSX1 demos wouldn't not work on a real MSX1 due to VRAM bus bandwidth? Man, what a compliment that must have been! Smile

Is neckfreak still active coding for retro platforms?

By Marq

Champion (387)

Marq's picture

21-10-2013, 13:51

He's taking a loooong break, I guess Smile

By Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

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22-10-2013, 10:54

Congratulation guys, very nice one!

By Marq

Champion (387)

Marq's picture

20-10-2014, 08:44

Duh! We haven't released new demos in a year it seems! oO