MIDI music to MSX

by popolony2k on 27-03-2011, 22:35
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Since december 2010, popolony2k has been developing a way to convert MIDI files (.mid) to a format our MSX can deal with. As a result of his investigations, he has found music software for MSX and PC, and he made compiler to help this conversion process. You can read about all of this in four Portuguese articles (page 1, 2, 3 and 4), which he released on his website, and have a go at his compiler tool, created in c++.

Relevant link: Old Skool Tech (project page at Sourceforge)

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By meits

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29-03-2011, 14:49

If it was english, i'd read it...
Think international guys...

By popolony2k

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30-03-2011, 05:21

Hi friend, in fact this series was made because we have a group that's developing a RPG-like game written in MSX-BASIC, then at this time this serie of articles was developed thinking in brazilian community but I'm receiving good feedback of international users using Google Translator to read it.
I used it and the translation results is good.

But in future I'll consider write new articles to the international users, sure.