MNBIOS - Third demo version

by flyguille on 30-09-2004, 00:02
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Flyguille has just released the third demo version of his new Operating System for MSX: MNBIOS. All shell commands are now completely functional. As an added bonus, the OS has now become multilingual, supporting both English and Spanish in one single release. For more information on the features of MNBIOS we suggest you visit the MNBIOS website.

MNBIOS is being developed on an MSX with a Talent DPF550/555 disk interface, which is quite rare in Europe and Japan. Therefor the OS has been adapted to function on Philips NMS-82xx computers as well. In our downloads database you can now find 2 different versions of MNBIOS:

1. MNBIOS demo 3 - openMSX/DPF550 version - This is the standard release of MNBIOS. The zip file includes openMSX, so that you can run MNBIOS on your PC, emulating the DPF550 interface.

2. MNBIOS demo 4 - NMS82xx version - This version has been adapted to function on Philips NMS82xx computers. If you have such an MSX, you can run this version on it.

According to flyguille, the next release of MNBIOS will be the final version of the OS. He can surely use all the suggestions and comments he can get.

Relevant link: MNBIOS website